As landscapes across northern Kenya undergo transformation due to environmental change and new large-scale investments, there are concerns that conflict between humans – and between humans, their livestock, and wildlife – will increase. This concern is matched by growing recognition that the burdens of landscape change are experienced differently according to ethnicity, gender, land tenure, livelihood, and species.

Shared Lands aims to improve understanding of how peoples’ unique relationships with each other and with nonhuman life are also changing with landscapes.

We are interested in climatic drivers of landscape change, such as desertification, land degradation, and natural disasters) as well as development-driven landscape change, such as investments in infrastructure, natural resources, urban development, commercial agriculture, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation.

As a participatory action research programme, Shared Lands also support grassroots organisations that are promoting coexistence between humans and other species in response to landscape change.

Outputs produced by our collective of researchers have been made possible by diverse sources of funding, including British Academy, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and United States Institute of Peace, among many others. You can search for topics of interest using the ‘Refine’ option. Contact us here if you would like more information about an output or access to an output not on the website.