Promoting coexistence in changing landscapes

Shared lands

Responding to landscape change,
restoring relationships

Northern Kenya is undergoing rapid landscape change. Shared Lands aims to shine light on how peoples’ relationships with each other and different species, including livestock and wildlife, are changing as a result.

Shared Lands also supports grassroots organisations in northern Kenya that are promoting coexistence between humans and between humans and other species in response to landscape change.

Shared Lands is a participatory action research programme led by the Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) and researchers from the University of Manchester, the University of Birmingham and United States International University Africa.


Environmental change and large-scale investments in land and natural resources are radically transforming landscapes across northern Kenya.

Shared Lands examines how relationships between humans, and between humans and other species, are impacted by landscape change.

Human relationships with each other
Shared Lands aims to understand how landscape change intersects with peace and conflict between people

Human relationships with nonhumans
Shared Lands investigates how landscape change affects coexistence between humans and nonhumans

Responding to change, restoring relationships
Shared Lands supports grassroots organisations promoting peaceful coexistence in the midst of landscape change

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